The Scribe of History

History is dictated by the victors quill, but legends are written in ink of true imagination.


So this project is actually one of the longest running ones i’ve done and its probably done the most damage to me by far. I began several years ago, about four to be honest, and I only recently finished them up and took the photos. The way it started was a teacher of mine gave us the assignment to make pens on a wood lathe. Needless to say, giving a large group of people access to a rapidly spinning tool, sharp implements and expecting everything to go well is a bad plan, but i’ll get to that in a sec. I have always loved the material that I use to make things almost as much as the things I actually make, so when tasked with this project I looked at all the types of wood I could make into these pens. Eventually I settled on cocobolo, paduk, and zerbrawood. The projects went swimmingly with three wonderful writing implements coming to almost completion…. Right up until I got my hair stuck in a lathe which did me the favor of turning on. This put a crimp in my schedule, but none the less I finished this project to show to the world. The first two images are pens with a twist mechanism, the last one is a mechanical pencil. I rarely use them, but when I do their a ton of fun to use.



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