To find peace in work, one must first find peace of mind. To find peace of mind, one must first find work.

This project mostly came about due to having some spring steel lying around and not being all that enthusiastic about another project I was working on at the time. I had just gotten a reasonably sized round of spring, and had just finished the other project I was working on and so I decided to make a tanto for camping. This was originally going to be as traditional as I could make it, but as I worked, and worked I remembered that spring steel wouldn’t work for what I had in mind. Instead I went with effectiveness over tradition and pieced back together my plans. I for the most part had been borrowing grinding tools to work on things, but midway through this project I finally got a belt grinder. That certainly sped up this project a bit. Having a belt grinder also means there will be more projects to come soon as I can work on them more often. The handle is cocobolo wood, with the blade being 5160 spring steel. This one was lots of fun because I hadn’t done something exactly like this before so a lot of this was learned on the fly.


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