Waves in the Steel

So I still might have scars from this one, but it was so worth it. Very sorry about the lack of posts in the past extended long while. Lots of things have been happening and life has certainly picked up in both speed and complexity. The good news is that it means I have lots…


To find peace in work, one must first find peace of mind. To find peace of mind, one must first find work. This project mostly came about due to having some spring steel lying around and not being all that enthusiastic about another project I was working on at the time. I had just gotten…

The Vorpal Blade

When one is a bladesmith it is a constant walk on the fine edge between art and war This was one of the first successful knives that I forged, and it was the first damascus knife I ever made. It started with a trip up to Port Townsend, where I met with a professional blacksmith…

The Scribe of History

History is dictated by the victors quill, but legends are written in ink of true imagination.   So this project is actually one of the longest running ones i’ve done and its probably done the most damage to me by far. I began several years ago, about four to be honest, and I only recently…

You’ve Got Maille!

From the heart of all comes the armor of war

This was one of my long term projects that I actually managed to finish. It started out not long after I learned about chainmaille and became almost a practice as I would spend hours learning how to properly do this weave. Almost a year later I finished it up in a hotel room when I was bored and spent the next few days getting strange looks as I wore it around.

The Star Seeing Glass

From the sky above comes all art

This was a glassblowing project that started out as a paperweight, but very quickly became a globe. As I was making it the color swirls reminded me of both Jupiters atmosphere and the daylight sky so I added the red/orange spot which ended up working for both.